Serving Small to Midsized Businesses

Purple Cow Capital:

• Offers fast no hassle business funding
(loans, lines of credit, working capital, mortgages, etc)

• Invests in and/or buys good businesses
(target = gross revenues from $500K to $10MM)

Provides M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) consulting,
creative deal structuring advice & funding for LBO’s

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Our Services

Targeting SMBs (small to midsized businesses) with gross revenues typically between $500K and $10MM

Money (Business Funding)

Get cash now.  We have many affordable options to help you grow your business:
short and long term loans, lines of credit, equipment financing, working capital, SBA loans, commercial real estate loans, etc.

• No Upfront Fees!
• No Broker Fees!
• No Nonsense!

Moo...ving On (Selling Your Biz)

Thinking about selling your business?  Sell your business in 90 days or less.  We buy businesses and focus on the things that matter most to you:  protecting your employees and suppliers, preserving your legacy, peace of mind and a fair price.  All without a long drawn out sales process or an exorbitant business brokerage fee.

M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions)

Whether you’re looking to make a strategic acquisition or your business is being merged into another entity, we can guide you through the M&A process and advise you along the way.  We’ll recommend the best alternatives for structuring the deal, assist in negotiations, and assess appropriate exit strategies.


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