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We’re Outstanding in Our Field

“Peter Drucker once wrote:  “The purpose of a business is to create a customer.”

… but we believe HAPPY needs to be part of that assertion; to make happy customers (or clients). Otherwise, what’s the damn point? Purple Cow Capital is in the happy client business, not the commodity business.

Serving you FIRST.

It’s a simple win-win dynamic:

  1. We serve you first,
  2. then we get paid (well) as a result.

And YOUR business?

Are you completely aligned with the needs of your customers or clients?  Because the people you are serving are also the people who are giving you money for the work you do.  They are giving you money because they are getting something they want in return.

If we’re on the same page, then Welcome.

Purple Cow Capital serves those who serve others.  We help entrepreneurs with “businesses that matter” to survive, expand or move on.

 Seeking quick, easy business funding? … We have access to fast funding sources from $5,000 to $2MM or more

 Considering merging with or possibly acquiring another business? … Whether merging or acquiring, we can assist with the many complexities of an M&A

• Thinking about selling your business? … We buy good businesses and guarantee the peace of mind that your business will be in safe hands

Start the Journey.

If this resonates with you, stick around.  So glad you stopped by.  It means the world.

Purple Cow Capital is here to help you.  “We’re Outstanding in Our Field” isn’t just a humorous play on words, it’s our mission.

Our Team of Experts

Purple Cow Capital is ready to support your business with our financial knowledge and business growth know-how.

Rick Kirschbrown

Rick Kirschbrown

Founder & CEO

Blake Hill

Blake Hill

VP Business Funding

Araje L'Bert

Araje L'Bert

VP Client Marketing

Let's Work Together!

“None of us is as smart as all of us” … Ken Blanchard
“Teamwork makes the magic happen” … Purple Cow Capital


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Reno, Nevada 89519-0907

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